Historical referenced / Site specific  

I participated in a mural event called "the Walldogs" back in 2014, in Shipshewana, Indiana. What made that event stand out was the subject matter of the murals - an annual event that brings in dozens of mainly sign painters, painting typically 15 murals over 4 days, all about the specific town the event is held. All the murals are historically referenced, either about old local businesses, local personalities, places and other things that are unique to the town itself. I was asked to be a team leader for such events, or a mural designer, a few times over the past few years - and in that, got the opportunity to dive into the history of the town and do a lot of research. I was able to bring my own angle and vision while telling the story of these tows. .

Since then this specific combination of historical referenced story telling has been a part of my repertoir. For me, it's a wonderful way to learn about local and general history and a great challenge to bring to life each and every mural. These murals are typical very detailed and historical in content and visuals, or at least a part of it.

Below are some samples of that style.

  Welcome to Downtown Caldwell, Texas  
  Enoy Freeport, Texas  
  Challenger 7 Memorial Park mural, Webster Texas July 2022  
  The Centennial mural for Stantons, 20'x112' in Alvin, Texas 2022  
  The Bandstand mural, 28-30'x70' in Washington, Illinois 2021  
  One of three murals painted for the Mountains and Murals Walldog Meet in Mount Barker, WA, December 2019  
  Second mural for the meet Down Under - honoring a local aboriginal artist  
  Mural inspired by early 1900s for Saint Joseph, Michigan, August 2018  
  Walldog meet in Streator, Illinois, June 2018 with the amazing help of my Canada-Barbados-USA team  
  10'x20' Nova color on aluminum panels  
  Vintage Dr Pepper mural, completed April 2018 in Houston, TX - it's a combination of several old Dr Pepper ads + my flair.  
  Downtown Brenham mural, 80'x18', finished Jauary 2018, Brenham TX  
  Lakeland Village vintage "ghost style" mural, 40'x15', finished March 2017, Cypress, TX  
  Lakeland Village vintage "Walldog style" mural, finished November 2017, Cypress, TX  
  Walldog meet in Westerly, Rhode Island, October 2017 with the amazing help of my Canada-Barbados-USA team  
  Friendswood mural, finished Nov. 2016