Most of what I do is commission work. Simply because I need to pay the bills and commissions allow that. But my greatest love is street art, art for the public, done randomly in places that need it the most. Houston is the 4th largest city in the US, and as such, has many walls and spaces that need a little enhancement. Paint is one of the easiest, cheapest ways to spruce up a space, and I try to do that every now and then, when the commissions allow me some playing.

Below are some samples of my work.

8'x10' acrylic and latex on boards, for UpFest 2015, Bristol, UK
A fun Vincent being one of a few contributions I made to London's Shoreditch street art scene
A roach is one of a few contributions I made to London's Shoreditch street art scene
250' "selfie" mural project at Blackshear Elementary. Click here for its own page
Gila monster for the Kayenta Street Painting Festival 2015
Gorilla street art, for the Houston Zoo, Houston TX 2015
Progress photos are available at the Houston Zoo official blog site
anat ronen
Look us in the eye, Sarasota Chalk Festival, Venice FL 2014
anat ronen
anat ronen
(another) pelican, Meeting of Styles Houston 2014
anat ronen
Pray for peace, latex on stucco, 20'x13', Houston TX 2014
anat ronen
Jane for Julia Kay's Portrait Party, latex on drywall, 25'x8.5', Houston TX 2014
anat ronen
anat ronen
Yes She Can!
"Yes She Can!", latex on old brick, 15'x7', Houston TX 2014
Houston 2014
40' armadillo, latex on old stucco, 40'x15', Houston TX 2014
Houston 2014
Via Colori 2013
say cheese! latex on stucco, 25'x30', Sarasota FL 2011
OMFG! latex on wood panels, 12'x8', Houston TX 2014
Birth of Facebook Venus, latex on composite panel, 3'x8'4", Houston TX 2014
Creation of the control panel, latex on composite panel, 3'x6', Houston TX 2014
Hello kitty, latex on drywall, 15'x8', Houston TX 2014
I am watching you, latex on vinyl siding, 25'x30', Houston TX 2013
Via Colori 2012
Pelican, latex on stucco, 5'x4', Sarasota FL 2011
Are we really free? latex on vinyl siding, 50'x30', Houston TX 2013
Some of my cats, latex on vinyl siding, 12'x4', Houston TX 2013
Pelicans, latex on stucco, 7'x6', Sarasota FL 2011
If only, latex on drywall, 15'x14', Houston TX 2013
syn·cre·tism, latex on stucco, 30'x6', Houston TX 2013
All for art, art for all, (collab with Lee the One) latex and spray paint on stucco, 25'x8', Houston TX 2013
Tetsuo (collab with several grafitti artists), Deluted latex on old stucco, my portion 18'x18', Houston TX 2012
Snowhite and the seven dwarfs (and a squirrel), 40'x14', Disney World, FL 2013
NASA road 1 column, latex on concrete, 30'x30' in the widest part, Houston TX 2010
Drunken Dragon Festival mural for Broadway Macau, 14'x6.5' Macau, China 2015
Playful pandas mural for Broadway Macau, 14'x6.5' Macau, China 2015
Murals on the Galveston Causeway, latex on concrete, 4 sections 90'x5'-10', Galveston TX 2009
Stars on the I-10 feeders, latex on concrete, about 12 in total, different sizes, Houston TX 2009