I had a few colleagues asking me about the Disney murals and warning me about infringement. I hope this never happens, as in my view, when we muralists do a good job and make our clients happy it actually increases the demand for Disney merchandise. I believe a mural can preserve the kid and his friends' memory for Disney's characters longer than any other item.

I live in Houston and prices here are very reasonable. I make just about enough to pay my bills, and I don't seek to be rich or famous. I really don't want to be a big corporate and I am happy where I am, with my four cats, one teenager and a husband... hopefully one day I could tour the country while painting walls as we go. That's my biggest goal.

I try to help and contribute my time and work to people and entities in need, I always think of the other side when I am doing my work and designing the murals. I usually prefer to do it my way and be original, but sometimes the clients want what they want and there's nothing much I can do about it, rather than just do what they want.

I personally have no copyright claim. Whatever I do, I do it for the benefit of all. If somebody has a wish to copy my work - I just hope he does it well. I kind of feel sorry for people to have to do that, but I will never sue anybody for doing so. I feel it's not right to own everything. Capitalism is great, but up to a certain extent. There should be some kind of common sense there, and in today's world, where the internet rules and anything is available online, the common sense is to consider it case by case. I guess if I'd be printing wallpaper murals without asking for permission, that would be wrong. But I am doing them by brush, one by one, and there's a certain limitation to how many I can do.... Also, there's not much sense in throwing away thousands of dollars suing somebody who doesn't have much, and what he actually does is making others happy.

With that approach, I hope I will never face any copyright issues, and just hope to offer brighter walls to kids and adults. That makes them happy, which is all I care for. I love Disney and Pixar, and I wish I could be a part of their team, but I am not.

I wish us all a better world, with more common sense and less nonsense. The world is so vast and big, there's so many people out there - there's a place for all of us, without too much greed and complications. If we all play it nice, we can all be happy.