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Paint is a great way to tell the world who you are and what you do. It's non-invasive, been there since the beginning of mankind, but fresh and funky when done right. It can be easily reversable and once the mural is not needed anymore you just paint over it. No screws, no installations, no complications. Big, small, indoor, outdoor - your logo, your signage - anything you can imagine can go up on a wall and promote your business and / or your message. Plain logo or with artwork - special effects or simple and clean - anything is possible.

Below are some of our latest projects. Call me today and let me come up with fresh ideas for your space or come with your own and I'll be happy to execute it. Looking forward to hearing from you!

  Lakeland Village Center murals, Cypress, TX March 2017  
  86'x23' mural, Friendswood, TX 2016  
  Painted for the 2016 Marshall International Mural Painting event  
  Painted for Fiesta Mart supermarket company  
  KHOU - logo painted for their 2016 promo clip that aired at the Superbowl  
  Red Bull Houston - logos painted on structure along BMX race track  
Wilson Montessori - an interior signage mural designed around the Montessori spirit
Big Red / Sun Drop commercial mural by Minute Maid Park, 114' long
Contemporary Craftsmen ghost signage, 20' long
A sign with a twist, Houston TX, 2012
School mural with signage, Houston TX, 2013