street painting
event art
  artwork :: activism / art with a message    
  These works stem directly from my street art work - it is important for me to include a message in my murals, but sometimes that message is too much for the streets (or it feels like I am exposing myself too much). Smaller pieces do the trick.  
  Vote Beto - my share (design and execution) at this collaboration painted with Melissa Eason
before the midterm elections in October 2018 in Houston, TX
  real life superheros. Latex on old flat doors cut to 5' high  
  yes he did! latex on 8'x8' panel  
  my obsessions, series for a show, latex on old doors cut to 5' high  
  If Only - replica + updates of my mural at the Station Museum in 2013 - latex and acrylic on 40"x30" canvas  
  in greed we trust - latex and acrylic on cardboard panel
make America regret again, latex on wood panel
  the American dream - latex and acrylic on cardboard panel